Embroidary+Cartonnage Book (Japan)

B5 32pages

Collection Box, Wrapping Paper,
Postcards (Japan)

Jeu de Fils

Business packs

Letter head
For Yuko Wada Accountant Office

Book -Le Temps des Enfants-

A5 Stitch Book
For the stitch expo @ Linen Bird



A2&A3 Poster for Fundraising
TAAA - Non-Profit organisation

Wedding Invitation

Printed and E-invi for Private

the A.R.T. show brochure
(South Africa)

the A.R.T. show brochure
The show was curated by David Gere and Carol Brown

Dialogue Among Civilisation Catalogue
(South Africa)

The project was organised by Art For Humanity. The catalogue features arts and poems of "Dialogue Among Civiisation" project.

Stitch Kit Folder
for A. Takahashi
(Tokyo, Japan)

Stitch Kit Folder for Event 2011 at Seibu Department Store

for Daruma
(Durban, RSA)

Menu design for Japanese restaurant

for Jeu de Fils
(Tokyo, Japan)

Postcards design

Button sheets
for Mamie Gateaux
(Paris, France)

Button sheets Design

(Tokyo, Japan)

 Book Art Design
 published by Nihon-Vogue

la Vallée aux Loup is a webshop for antiques from Paris, France.

Logo / Web / Brochure / Letterhead + Envelop / Business Card designed

Jeu de Fils is a webshop for cross stitch & craft kits with linens from Paris, France.

Logo / Web / Brochure / Letterhead + Envelop / Business Card designed

Cotton Friend,
a Japanese Craft magazine.
(Tokyo, Japan)

Page Layout / Design

Austral espresso, a catering Company for fresh espresso coffee served by the professional machine. (London, UK)

Logo / Brochure / Letterhead + Envelop / Business Card designed

BNI isThe World's Largest Referral Organization. (branch: Tokyo, JAPAN)

Breakfast meeting invitation postcard / application foam
Flyers for REEL ART CINEMA, Social Justice event, Sunrise CD promotion. (CA, USA)

Brochures and Posters for San Jose State University, Arts of Literature (CA, USA)

Exhibition invitation booklet for MACLA museum - (CA, USA)

Exhibition Catalogue and Post Card for MACLA museum - (CA, USA)

Familia Fashion Catalogue (Japan)

for CD promotion

for CD promotion

for Unti War Demonstration (SF&London)

SUNRISE (Western Music)
CD jacket (CA, U.S.A.)

graphic design / print. web. art 
Atelier SHOP2 : 170B Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Durban 4001 SOUTH AFRICA
4-10-1-3603, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135-0062 JAPAN
No.7, 3 Ranston Street London U.K.





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